Comparison of “KC Groups Management” versions

The "KC Groups Management" plugin has 2 versions, Basic and Pro. Here you can compare their functions.

Function Version
Basic Pro
Checks for properly installed s2Memeber plugin Yes Yes
Checks for correct settings (need s2Memeber notifications) Yes Yes
Supports unlimited number (theoretically) of submembers in a group Yes Yes
Sets number of submembers per s2M level Yes Yes
Submembers can be on different level than master No Yes
Group follows the master to any level he move Yes Yes
Submember can have his own group (can be a master too) No Yes
Sets submembers to "Deleted" or "Demoted" when the master is deleted Yes Yes
Submembers must have same email domain like the master Yes No
Submembers can have email domain: same like the master, one of the list (a custom field in master's account), same OR  from the list, or any (no check for domain) No Yes
Submembers can be tested if the value of a (selectable) s2M's custom account field of master and submember is same No Yes
When master moves to a level withoug groups, delete his group and turn submembers to Level0 (master looses his submembers completely, even he go back to a level with groups) No Yes
Members can have plugin's interface at any page with [kcgm_ui] shortcode No Yes
Members can create new submembers (new site's users) by plugin's interface No Yes
Master can get email notification when a new account of "possible submember" is created No Yes
Master can get email notification when a new account of "possible submember" is created, even the master have his group full No Yes
Can notify the admin, that a master with full group got new possible submember No Yes
Submembers can get email notification when they are added to a group No Yes
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