KC S2M Pro Login Armor

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If you hate spam members as "low" as me, I know your story: you set your membership site with the great s2Member® plugin, then grow members, find a steady stream of new members, and was happy, until you realize that they just register, log in once (and maybe post a spam comment at random page/post), and newer return. And your DB grows, but all with "dead souls"... Then you try several captcha plugins, but most of them don't stops spammers. Then you buy s2Member® Pro and set "Pro forms", but ghosts still come...

Well, you are on the right place - this plugin locks WordPress® "register" and "login" forms (except for admins) and allows registration and login by Pro forms only.


License and download

You can have only "this" version with One version license. Bug fixes and updates to the plugin will be free. Upgraded version will be made available for purchase when it is released. If you need to use this plugin on multiple sites, please, purchase the Developer license

One site license: 15 USD
Developer License: 30 USD

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