KC Google Authenticator

Would you like to use Google Authenticator in your WordPress powered site? There even exists a plugin "Google Authenticator" by Henrik Schack. It works great with WP, but... Well, can be better.

Don't get me wrong, the "Google Authenticator" is a great and powerful plugin, just not everybody (maybe must say "everysity"... "everycody"?) needs so much power. So "KC Google Authenticator" plugin allows wide customization of the GA form to fit your needs, thus adds flexibility to both GA plugin and sites. Uses an usual WP shortcode, what allows you to use it anywhere, where a shortcode runs - posts, pages, widgets etc. Or within your themes and plugins too. Adds some features too, like a helping placeholder in the login page, and hiding "App password".

Since the "KC Google Authenticator" plugin was born as "KC s2m+GA" plugin, and then grows more to WP, it works both with Free and Pro versions of "s2Member" membership plugin, if it is installed and activated (detected automatically), where allows to use GA in s2M's native "s2Member-Profile" shortcode/page/pop-up and applies some of customizations too.

License and download

Short explanation of license: Perpetual License with 12 Months Support. You buy "allowed domains" number (not installations, on one domain you can have several sites), with one year updates, bugfixes, training, installation help. When the year passes your plugin will works, if no significant changes in WordPress®, Blockchain.info API and s2Member®. Also you get lifetime discount for any other products of mine. Additionally, we will set discount for all new features you may need. Also I would like to share my revenue with you. Welcome to my Affiliate program.

Please read full explanation of license.

Max number of domainsPriceBuy
129 USDYou must log in or create account to purchase this product.
up to 3 69 USD
up to 10 129 USD
11+249 USD

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