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Would you like to be able to allow your customers to buy dripping content, and to set it easy? Well, that's already is possible (and really easy) with WordPress, s2Member® and this plugin.

Why this goal can not be achieved with existing tools? s2Member® Pro has a function to drip content, but it is limited to a timestamps established based on the level registration, meaning when a member gains access to Level 1 or Level 2. This brings in limitation since the levels are not independent from each other, and Level 2 members would usually have access to level 1 content too.

Each dripping schedule is a sequence of your posts/pages in some special order to be read, actually. OK, let we name that sequence "a playlist" and each post/page in it - "a slide". Your members will read them at the order you set, by the delay time you set. To view next post they will need to wait when next slide will be available. Moreover, they can get a mail to reminder them, that next slide is available.

And you (the site owner and/or admin) are not limited to one playlist, you can create as many you need (999 max, to be exact). And you can set a post/page in more than one playlist.

This way you can create a video coaching series, a game for your auditory, or exercise set, or can drip a story... or everything else, what needs a time sensitive content dripping.

This plugin allow you to create and manage a playlists easy as breeze. And it is completely independent from s2Member's levels... I challenge your imagination :-)


License and download

You can have only "this" version with One version license. Bug fixes and updates to the plugin will be free. Upgraded version will be made available for purchase when it is released. If you need to use this plugin on multiple sites, please, purchase the Developer license.

One site license: 30 USD
Developer License: 60 USD

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