my playgroundMy name is Krum Cheshmedjiev, I am freelance programmer and consultant. I am Bulgarian, live and work in Bulgaria, Europe, Balkan peninsula. Besides programming, I enjoy working using my hands and my head, as well as reading books, growing up plants, hiking, but since I don't have much time to do all this :-/, I practice Yoga instead...

I have over 45 years of experience in any kind of programming, include over 18 years Internet development (WEB2.0, LAMP, AJAX, SPA, asynchronous distributed networks...).

I use more than 15 computer languages and I have experience in creating myself all possible types of programs. You can find more info in my resume.

Please find some projects of mine in my samples page. Sorry that the most part of them can't be shown, because either they are not usable any more (like CAD-engineering package for the ancient "Apple II"), or they are not fully created by me (like some fixing, creating new feature etc.), or they are in Bulgarian and you can't see anything, if your computers has no pre-UTF Bulgarian fonts.

But if you still want to see my old jobs, check my portfolio page.

I always look for interesting projects. My favourite joke is, that I have already created everything that you can imagine, and several things, that you can't imagine too :-)

My first goal are quality, so I will spend much time to understand what exactly you need. I also ask a lot of questions regarding the project... Did you like Trivia ? Be aware... :-)

My requirements (needs to be possible "My offer" below):

  1. Remote work;
  2. I prefer to work alone or in small groups. I need possibility to talk with owners, users, SysAdmins, designers...
  3. Emergency line (possibility to reach you in minutes - cell phone, SMS, pager...) - important for online projects;

What I can offer:

  1. 99.99% uptime for my online projects;
  2. Emergency line: reaction in several minutes with any problem (including fixings "on fly");
  3. "Life time" support and upgrade.

You will always get a detailed description of the work done before you will be required to pay. Also I don't calculate the time, I need to fix my mistakes - they are not your problem.

Probably you can't access me by phone, but we can chat online in some IM (what has additional advantages - I save our conversations and read them later, instead of asking the same questions again, this way I save a lot of your time). Please find your favourite at my contacts page. I know that typing is slower than speaking, but I really prefer typing, for two reasons - sound files are too big to save, and they are impossible to search into easily. Text files have no such problems... So I don't use voice, nor video conferencing :-/

I look for "joint venture" with someone, who can manage an HiTech idea of mine. Are you interested ?

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