KC s2M+MC – Bidirectional transparent integration/synchronization/bridge of s2Member® with MailChimp®

Important: update your plugin. MailChimp® changes his API, and old versions will stop working soon. Note that new version needs a different installation/update procedure, please read details at "Installation" tab.

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Do you need a tool to make sure your MailChimp® list and your s2Member® (or OptimizeMember inside OptimizePress) list are synchronized? Do you want to make sure that any change by the user on his MailChimp® account is automatically changed in your s2Member® one too? Do you want to let users register through a MailChimp® sign up form and automatically be added to your s2Member® list?

“KC bidirectional integration of s2Member® with MailChimp®” (or just “KC S2M+MC”) does exactly what it says, literally. You just have to set your MailChimp® account and fill the necessary fields in your s2Member® admin panel. Then install the KC S2M+MC plugin. It will keep your lists synchronized with your site’s members.

S2Member® is a great plugin. MailChimp® is a great service too. But they can not “communicate” very well without this plugin. In fact, you would need to manually check and edit your lists to synchronize them, which is not effective and not fun at all. And missing one member or one user could mean loss of sales. This won’t be necessary any more.

The plugin will also detect if you don’t have s2Member® installed or if you haven’t entered your MailChimp® API key, or did not set (or change) your lists, or if you reinstall s2Member® and so on. It monitors for your activity and when you have done all the proper settings, it will run and do its synchronizing jobs. Once installed, it is a silent and trustworthy worker.

Another GREAT advantage of this plugin is that you can use the MailChimp® signup embed forms or link forms anywhere and it will still recognize that the list is associated with your s2Member® installation. It means you can use the embed code or the link code on a totally different site, in your signature in forums, or even in your emails, and it will still communicate with s2Member® and create an account there if a new member joins through your MailChimp® forms.

License and download

In the WordPress repository you can find the Free version of this plugin.

For both Basic and Pro versions:

Short explanation of license: Perpetual License with 12 Months Support. You buy "allowed domains" number (not installations, on one domain you can have several sites), with one year updates, bugfixes, training, installation help. When the year passes your plugin will works, if no significant changes in WordPress®, s2Member® and MailChimp®. Also you get lifetime discount for any other products of mine. Additionally, we will set discount for all new features you may need. Also I would like to share my revenue with you. Welcome to my Affiliate program.

Please read full explanation of license.

Basic version:

Max number of domainsPriceBuy
115 USDYou must log in or create account to purchase this product.
up to 3 35 USD
up to 10 65 USD
11+125 USD

Pro version:

Max number of domainsPriceBuy
130 USDYou must log in or create account to purchase this product.
up to 3 67 USD
up to 10 125 USD
11+250 USD

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14 Responses to KC s2M+MC – Bidirectional transparent integration/synchronization/bridge of s2Member® with MailChimp®

  1. Rena Hearn says:

    This plugin works great! It has saved me so much time in transitioning to a wp site. I use S2mPro and this plugin works great with it!

    On a side note, Krum had done several jobs for me. He has the “programmers magic” that you are looking for!


  2. Bob B says:


    Just a thank you message for synchronising my s2Members and my Mailchimp accounts with your plug in. Works brilliantly. My membership lists are now in perfect unison and either can be used for membership updates.

    Your help has been fantastic.

    Bob Brandis

  3. chink chink says:

    The plug-in works great. There was some obstacles in my particular install, but everything was fixed after I email Krum about it.

    Krum’s customer service is unbelievable! If you have ever try to get on S2M’s tech support queue (the WebSharks support center they started using in 2013), and have gotten thoroughly frustrated/disappointed with them, like me? Emailing Krum will restore your faith in programmers… and for me, it restored my faith in human at large…

    Thank you so very much!

  4. james hall says:

    One question – would i need to disable the automatic list transition feature of s2m?

  5. Cassel says:

    Hi Krum,

    This week, i am running a promotion where customers can purchase 5 Master classes of their choice but they have to tell me so i can add the ccaps manually. Tonight, i did add the 5 ccaps for one customer and as i went to copy them into MailChimp, they were already there!

    I thought your synchronization would only work with the actual transaction, but no… it works for ANY edit to the ccaps even if done manually. That is GREAT!

    I have not checked if it also synchronizes when ccaps are removed, but i LOVE this current set up. You did a fantastic job with that one!

    Thanks again.


  6. M N says:

    Hi Krum,

    I’m thinking about purchasing a license, but I have some questions:

    Does the merge tag/profile field syncing also sync custom profile fields added in s2Member and are there any limitations/rules about that feature? Or does it only allow for the basic WP profile fields?

  7. David Maxey says:

    Great plug-in by the way, saving me a ton of time. Question, with the pro-version. all is setup and syncs perfect after user update. Is there a way to force this update sync for old accounts in bulk without having to manually click update on each users profile?

  8. David Maxey says:

    Do I need to do any specific configurations for this to work seamlessly using the W3 Total Cache plug-in?

  9. Dan L says:

    This plugin is fantastic! For me it was a no brainer. I’m just a regular guy with literally no codding experience. I have no clue how to write code or even do CSS. Luckily with today’s technology, I don’t need to know this to still create a pretty good website.

    I created a website using the S2 Member plugin. Everything was going great with the plugin until I realized that there is no good way to keep my users data in sync with MailChimp. For some people out there, this might not be that big of a deal. If all you want is to get a members email address into MailChimp, then S2 is probably good enough. However, if you want to allow any email changes made on your site to stay in sync with MailChimp then this plugs in does the trick.

    Besides just email addresses, I have other profile fields on my website that I absolutely need to keep in sync with MailChimp. So for $30 I picked up the Pro version of this plugin, and in a matter of less than 60 seconds, I was able to get all my S2 custom fields in sync with MailChimp. So anytime a user logs into my site via my S2 Member plugin, they can update any of their profile fields and that information will sync with MailChimp. This was all done with a few clicks of a mouse, by using the S2+MC drop down items. Literally zero coding.

    S2 Member was also adding in a new member into MailChimp every time a user was updating their email address. However, with this plug in, when a member makes an email change on my site, this is generating an “update email” request to MailChimp, not a “new member” request.

    Best few dollar I have ever spent. There is no way I could live without this plugin.

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