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KCGM logoThe "KC Groups Management" plugin is unique for s2Members and WordPress as a whole. Imagine you want to allow access to some s2Member level to a company. Not to "a company as member", but to the whole "company" as "several members". Several people, with several accounts, passwords, profiles, but all have the same access rights (Pro version have much more options). One of them pays a membership fee to you for themselves and all the rest from the company. Obvious way is to set all the members to same s2M level. But only one makes payments, so others must set/demote manually... Spends centuries.

Never again!

The "KC Groups Management" plugin create and handle Groups of WP Members under s2Member. One "master" member can have a number of "submembers" (you set that number), who share the subscription privileges of their "master". With Basic version all the members in one group must have the same domain name for their emails. With Pro version you have 3 more options.

With "KC Groups Management" plugin you have to think about one member only - the master of group. The plugin takes care for all the rest, saving you lots of chores.

License and download

Short explanation of license: Perpetual License with 12 Months Support. You buy "allowed domains" number (not installations, on one domain you can have several sites), with one year updates, bugfixes, training, installation help. When the year passes your plugin will works, if no significant changes in WordPress® and s2Member®. Also you get lifetime discount for any other products of mine. Additionally, we will set discount for all new features you may need. Also I would like to share my revenue with you. Welcome to my Affiliate program.

Please read full explanation of license.

Basic version

Max number of domainsPriceBuy
1150 USDYou must log in or create account to purchase this product.
up to 3 250 USD
up to 10 500 USD
11+1000 USD

Pro version

Max number of domainsPriceBuy
1300 USDYou must log in or create account to purchase this product.
up to 3 600 USD
up to 10 1200 USD
11+2000 USD

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