KC s2Member ccap drip timer

WordPres's plugin s2Member® has its own "scripting language" of several []-tags. One (and maybe most used) tag is [s2If …] [/s2If], where we can set conditionals to show or hide content, functions etc, depending of the privileges of the current viewer, like this:

[s2If current_user_can(access_s2member_ccap_may2012)]
for everyone who has ccap "may2012".

Pro version of s2Member® also has a function to drip content, but it is limited to a timestamps established, based on the level registration, meaning when a member gains access to Level 1 or Level 2. This brings in limitation since the levels are not independent from each other, and Level 2 members would usually have access to level 1 content too.

Custom capabilities (ccap) are very powerful since they allow the site admin to assign content and protect it in various products, while using only one level. One member can then access a "general cooking class", a "cake decorating class" and a "confectionary class" as each content can be assigned a specific ccap. The problem is that this would be an "all or nothing" situation, and dripping content for all those classes, at the same time, is not possible with the basic set up. So we needed a way to assign a timestamp based on the transaction (or purchase of a specific product), no matter the level.

This particular function will allow the admin to create a particular code that will generate a custom ccap based on the date of the transaction AND the product sold. So, without any manual work, a member might be assigned a "time" ccap which will be generated by the system. Then, this ccap can be used in a shortcode to drip the content for each course, separately, allowing the member to start the "cooking" class in September, the "cake decorating" class in October and the "confectionary" class in January of the next year.

The dripping is also possible based on any schedule you want, whether it is on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or anything in between (after 3 days, after 8 days, after 12 weeks, etc.) and can also be different from one course to the other, taken at the same time.

This tool multiplies the features of s2Member® to give the admin a lot more flexibility than the basic plugin function can offer.

Flexibility of this tool is done by some PHP coding. If you don't want to think about PHP codes, or can not deal with it at all, there is a plugin, named "KC s2M Drip Playlists", which will help you.

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with s2Member®, Webshark or the development team of s2Member®.

Purchase Options:
Kit - installation guide, code etc. - 15 USD
Kit + installation and some customization - 35 USD
Kit + installation and heavy customization - 60+ USD
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5 Responses to KC s2Member ccap drip timer

  1. Laurent Bertin says:

    What’s the difference between the 15 USD one and the 30 USD one ? What do you mean by “some customization” ?

    I’ve also asked a question on the s2member forum which I will put back here :

    I’m interested in this hack but a bit worried about the stability of it regarding S2Member upgrades. Could you tell me more about it please ?

    Thanks a lot,

    • krumch says:

      Hi Laurent,
      Difference is that for 15 USD you install it (you will have full instructions), but for 30 USD I will install it and if need, will do some changes, to fit your needs. Can not say before you explain what exactly you need, better ask me by Contacts page.

      The hack is fully compatible with s2M and WP updates, it is done out of s2M code, in s2-hacks.php file.


  2. Daisy Peel says:

    Just bought this. Can’t wait to use it. TOTALLY AWESOME. Thanks!!! Instructions are clearly explained and it looks pretty easy to implement.

  3. Daisy Peel says:

    Quick question – is there a way to protect an entire PAGE or POST with this, or just content within a page/post? I feel like I’m getting really close to ideal here :)

    Thanks again!

    • krumch says:

      Well, both “Yes” and “No”…
      No, s2Member is best to protect entire page/post. We deal with “content”. But “content” is very “elastic” term. So it can be one char, one row, one paragraph, or entire page, if you like. But note, that those who are not accepted to see “this content”, will see a free page. With s2Member they will see the “Membership options” page.

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