I put here some words, what people say for me.

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Krum has worked for me for over 10 years. Throughout this time, he has diligently supported a huge and complex project. Most importantly, he has always been available for constant upgrades to keep with changing internet trends.

If you are looking to create some "magic" online program, then Krum will do it for you. If you can describe it in words, he can make it happen on the web!

Simon Macharia

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Krum has worked for an upgrade project of my site. It was very good that he managed to find all the solutions on the problems - the work was fast and accurate. The best part of all is that you can rely on a full check of your web site and discover some other problems that you wouldn't be aware of. You can choose between different options about solving problems and optimizing the site.Ivo K.
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I am working now 5 years with Krum as our programmer and he is just capable of about everything concerning webpage, scripts, SSL, etc. He is a one-person machine who knows how to do things very fast, reliable and always tries to make it as perfect as possible. If there is any problem, then he fixes it in very few time. I was and will always be with him on all the WWW issues. Thanks, Krum.Elmar Maurer
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Although i am working on a large project, i needed some help from someone who could also show me how to keep going on my own, without having to rely on a tech person for every little detail. Krum did just that. He found the solutions to my challenges, but then showed me how to do it on my own after. Despite time zone differences (6 hours), he was always available at set time. I am certainly going to contact Krum again later in my project.Cassel
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My team and I here at Lilap Media were having some coding problems and needed to seek outside help. We employed various people before Krum and he was the only person who was prompt, quick and did the task without problems.LilapMedia.com required certain scripts to be made/modified due to the site’s complex programming but Krum managed to adapt to our coding and created new Plugins and also integrate problems with solutions. We always go back to Krum if we need help due to him being contactable at any point.

I would suggest Krum to anyone who wishes to get the jobs done and with quality. Thank You

Hide Lucena

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Although I have only communicated with Krum through email for several times, but I can vouch for the level of efficient, high quality tech support he provided me, and it was truly a great experience working with him. I sincerely recommend his service and plug-ins, because in a few short exchanges, I have met a programmer who puts helping others ahead of everything else. I truly believes that this kind of generous spirits, is a more valuable and rare commodity than any "perfect" software!

Phyllis Lee

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  1. Rena Hearn says:

    I have only been working with Krum for a short time, but have been very pleased. I have some big plans for my site and feel confident that Krum can handle it all. Even though he is new to my area of business he has some great ideas! I am excited the future!
    Rena Hearn

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