KC s2Member ccap repeatable playlist

The "KC s2Member ccap repeatable playlist" hack allows you to create repeatable dripping schedule. Works in WordPres, requires plugin s2Member®. This is an advanced variant of "KC s2Member ccap drip timer" hack.

With the built-in settings this hack will create a “playlist” containing 30 different contents. The users will be served 12 months. Each content will be shown to user at MxN days after registration (M – month, 1...12; N – days, 1...30). If the user registers “today”, “day 1” is “today” and “tomorrow”. This means, “day 1” is prolonged to ensure the user sees the content at least 24 hours. Content is switched at 00:01, calculated by local time of the user. So users, registered at the same minute, but in different time zones will see different content. After 30 days have passed, the user will get same content over again. This means that, at 31 day, the user will see the content of “day 1”, 32 - “day 2”... 60 - “day 30”, 61 - ”day 1”... All the content will be shown 12 times, one day at the time, for 12 months. Then this playlist is locked for this user (other playlists are possible to run simultaneously, but must have different names of ccaps and functions).

s2Member® also has a function to drip content, but it is limited to a timestamps established based on the level registration, meaning when a member gains access to Level 1 or Level 2. This hack extends s2Member® and allows you to create a "playlist" on single page.

Custom capabilities (ccap) are very powerful since they allow the site admin to assign content and protect it in various products, while using only one level. The hack uses ccaps of s2Member® to track the exactly visitor and to show the right content.

The dripping is also possible based on other schedules you want, needs to re-set the hack. In the documentation is shown an example how to do that for 7 contents turned for 6 months. But I highly suggest you to ask me to do that - not an easy matter, needs lots of pre-calculations.

The documentation is a step-by-step explanation oh this hack, how it works and how to implement and modify, sample code and more.

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with s2Member®, Webshark or the development team of s2Member®.

Purchase Options:
Kit - installation guide, code etc. - 15 USD
Kit + installation and some customization - 35 USD
Kit + installation and heavy customization - 60+ USD
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