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Биткойн свободата – начин на употреба

Какво (и защо) се случва с Биткойн? (поглед от камбанарията на програмиста, без термини, но с цифри) Добре дошли в новата реалност. Всъщност в “новата дуалност”: Биткойн вече има две “вериги”, почти както двете вериги на ДНК. Как се стигна … Continue reading

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The “KC s2M+MC Pro” plugin have a new version

This is a bug-fixing release of the “KC s2M+MC Pro” plugin, no new features actually. There was some problems with re-sending of confirmation emails by MailChimp, missing members info etc – usual problems, when change the API engine. You know, … Continue reading

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The “KC s2M+WPML” plugin is updated

The “KC s2M+WPML” plugin have new version. Not “huge”, but “mean” changes. Now it supports more admin options texts of s2Members, that was missing before. And also now is added ability to translate the plugin’s own texts by WPML. It … Continue reading

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How to hack the main post query of WordPress to create a custom “search and sort” results

WordPress is a good tool, that can handle almost any information and can be used as a framework to build almost any type of WEB sites. And sometimes we want it to do almost impossible things… As example, we create … Continue reading

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Major updates of “KC s2M+MC” plugin

Today I decide to publish updated “KC s2M+MC” plugin, both versions. The main reason is that MailChimp build a new API version (a way the plugin communicated with MailChimp lists), so shortly existing versions of plugins will not works, or … Continue reading

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KC WP+ClassMarker

Do you use ClassMarker®, the online testing tool? Did you send your members to run a test or quiz there? Did you need your member’s info in the ClassMarker® system, for future statistic? This plugin allows you to integrate WordPressContinue reading

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Do you have WPML and need to translate levels names, custom profile fields names, emails and other texts from s2Member® settings? This is the tool for that. This plugin allows you to translate all the texts you type in s2MContinue reading

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Monthly WP support FAQ

Q: Do you perform any backups as part of the monthly support? A: Backup not included, but possible for additional fee. Can not say before to see the exactly site, as each site is different, needs different solution. Can be … Continue reading

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KC s2M Pro max logins

Want to have different “max simultaneous login” restrictions to special (exactly) users with s2Member® Pro? This is the best tool for you to do that. License and download Short explanation of license: Perpetual License with 12 Months Support. You buy … Continue reading

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KC Tools updated

Today I decide to merge two versions of “KC Tools WP” plugin, so now all free users will have all the tools. Those are more useful tools: formatted debug output (to mail, file and URL), debug shortcode and site wide debug … Continue reading

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