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A tiny new version of “KC Tools WP” plugin

There is really tiny fixes of “KC Tools WP” plugin, just to sort out bad behaviour on mobile browsers and a stupid bug of mine… And this is because I expect to ask me to show this plugin to Plovdiv … Continue reading

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Как да се отнасяме към служителите си (или към всеки друг, всъщност)

Автор: Джеймс АлтъчерПревод: Елена КолеваРедактор: Крум ЧешмеджиевОригинал: How to Treat Your Employees (or anybody else for that matter) Уейд прави любов с Карън и сега трябваше да го уволня. Тя беше нашия топ дизайнер. Освен това, той започна да се … Continue reading

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New version of “KC Tools WP” plugin

The “KC Tools WP” plugin gets a tiny upgrade. It is strange how I am not seen such possibility before – just two buttons, but it’s faster to work now. Buttons just handle your last DB query. One for them … Continue reading

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Имах късмета да бъда “в тенджерата” на изборите за европарламент (26.05.2019 г.), в избирателната секция, като застъпник, и тук ще разкажа какво видях вътре. Ври и кипи, само гледай и слушай, без да задаваш въпроси… Хората в избирателната секция са … Continue reading

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KC s2M Pro-rates

The “s2Member” plugin has a limited implementation of pro-rates. Still there is possible to add more options, with a custom code, as s2M is very hackable. To be easer, safer and without custom code, this plugin adds 3 cases of … Continue reading

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Българската жаба

Взимаш една тенджера, загряваш вода, пускаш вътре една жаба, и жабата скача като попарена (хах, защо ли?)  и бяга. Взимаш пак тенджерата, сипваш студена вода, слагаш същата жаба, и жабата е доволна от теб. Загряваш бавно тенджерата, температурата на водата … Continue reading

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New “KC s2M Log and Invoice” version

Today the “KC s2M Log and Invoice” plugin have 2 new features: Invoice email – you can set a mail to the users, with a link to the invoice, if you choose to set invoice. Search results now can be … Continue reading

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A big update of “KC s2M log&Invoice” plugin

We had other updates of “KC s2M log&Invoice” recently, but this one is really big news. The new feature is a custom reporting tool. You can do “picture” of past moments (and export the results as CSV): to get a … Continue reading

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KC s2M Promocode

The “s2Member” plugin has a great feature – promocodes. But, according to “s2Member -> API / Notifications” documentation, “These are ONLY included with payments that occur during checkout. They will NOT be provided with any future recurring payments.”… So “KC … Continue reading

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