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Как да станем експерти в shitcoins: Наръчник на бедния човечец за забогатяване с криптовалути.

Автор: Daniel Jeffries Превод: Емилия Кичукова Редактор: Крум Чешмеджиев Оригинал: Mastering Shitcoins: The Poor Man’s Guide to Getting Crypto Rich   И сега какво, изпусна бума на криптовалутите? Мечтаеше, как ще кажеш на шефа си къде да си го завре, … Continue reading

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New version of “KC s2M log” plugin

The “KC s2M log” plugin got smarter: now you can see info about how many new members you have, and how many of them confirmed his email – 6 last months both. Plus also info about IPs, what was used … Continue reading

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New version of “KC Tools”

Some tools never die, and in time gets better… I created the “KC Tools WP” plugin long time ago, to do my jobs, and still use it. And time to time I add something new. Today I decided to release … Continue reading

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KC Google Authenticator

Would you like to use Google Authenticator in your WordPress powered site? There even exists a plugin “Google Authenticator” by Henrik Schack. It works great with WP, but… Well, can be better. Don’t get me wrong, the “Google Authenticator” is … Continue reading

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KC s2M log&Invoice

Logs are good. Always do logs! The “s2Member” plugin is good too – very powerful and flexible membership plugin. But it lacks member’s logs… So “KC s2M log” plugin is here to do that: creates log of payments. Also, if … Continue reading

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KC s2M+Bitcoin

Want a membership payments in Bitcoins? “KC s2m+Bitcoin” is a plugin that integrate the world most popular worldwide cryptocurrency “Bitcoin” with the membership plugin s2Member. Works both with Free and Pro versions of s2Member. License and download Short explanation of … Continue reading

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Frontend pagination with WP_List_Table

The WordPress class WP_List_Table (sits in “wp-admin/includes/class-wp-list-table.php” file) creates and handles all the “list tables” at admin area, like “Posts”, “Users” etc. Lists are good looking, at all the screens, responsive, well structured, sortable and allow customisations, thus they are … Continue reading

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Как правилно да напуснем работа

Dear Mr. Altucher,
Thank you about the great article “How To Quit Your Job the Right Way”. I translated it to Bulgarian, for Bulgarian youth to read and think. You can find it at Continue reading

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Биткойн свободата – начин на употреба

Какво (и защо) се случва с Биткойн? (поглед от камбанарията на програмиста, без термини, но с цифри) Добре дошли в новата реалност. Всъщност в “новата дуалност”: Биткойн вече има две “вериги”, почти както двете вериги на ДНК. Как се стигна … Continue reading

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The “KC s2M+MC Pro” plugin have a new version

This is a bug-fixing release of the “KC s2M+MC Pro” plugin, no new features actually. There was some problems with re-sending of confirmation emails by MailChimp, missing members info etc – usual problems, when change the API engine. You know, … Continue reading

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