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A tiny new version of “KC Tools WP” plugin

There is really tiny fixes of “KC Tools WP” plugin, just to sort out bad behaviour on mobile browsers and a stupid bug of mine… And this is because I expect to ask me to show this plugin to Plovdiv … Continue reading

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How to hack the main post query of WordPress to create a custom “search and sort” results

WordPress is a good tool, that can handle almost any information and can be used as a framework to build almost any type of WEB sites. And sometimes we want it to do almost impossible things… As example, we create … Continue reading

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Quick JavaScript hack/fixing of a jQuery problem

My site is a WP site. I use the popular Accordion Shortcodes plugin to handle my product’s pages. Also I use the even more popular Share Buttons by AddThis plugin to allow social sharing. But they don’t want to work … Continue reading

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How to borrow a post, or another way to create a virtual WordPress page on fly with the active theme used

I build a new plugin recently, and was need to show a page with my custom message. The stickt need was to be used the active theme, and the same way how WP itself use it. This is because plugin … Continue reading

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KC S2M+MC gets even more Pro

I am pleased to announce improving of my “KC S2M+MC” plugin, and both Basic and Pro versions together! New Basic version now is old Pro ones (with some improvements). So now everyone will be saved with “delete member only if … Continue reading

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Hack the maximum execution time in WordPress

Today I find a problem: time ends… Well, for a WordPress plugin only, the KC S2M+MC one. I mean I got “Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded” error, when I run a long operation (synchronizing members in Mailchimp list … Continue reading

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Hack the WordPress AJAX procedure…

Here I describe an unusual way to use AJAX inside WordPress, by usual “admin-ajax.php” URL. Usually we run AJAX in WordPress with following code: add_action(‘wp_ajax_mp_my_action’, ‘my_action’); add_action(‘wp_ajax_nopriv_my_action’, ‘my_action’); function my_action() { … } Then we fire it with GET query … Continue reading

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KC Drop-down Document Viewer

This WordPress plugin (short name – “KC DDDV”) generates and inserts DynamicDrive’s “Drop-down Document Viewer” (http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex3/dropdownview2.htm) by short code, so can be used anywhere.   Download   KC Drop-down Document Viewer

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KC Tools

KC Tools is a set of tools for “in deep” development and troubleshooting of WEB sites. It allows reading of environment info, direct database access and terminal-like interface with server. It is locked by password to your browser only, so … Continue reading

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