KC S2M+MC gets even more Pro

I am pleased to announce improving of my "KC S2M+MC" plugin, and both Basic and Pro versions together!

New Basic version now is old Pro ones (with some improvements). So now everyone will be saved with "delete member only if he is not in any list" rule.

New Pro version are much more Pro, really. It have several massive improvements in code and new features:

Now you can set to keep the member, deleted in list, or to delete it from the site too.

Also you can set which synchronization events (I name them "threads") to run (default - all of them). They are 4, you can lock each of them (or all, too) separately, if you need.

And we now also have the most desired feature - field mapping. You can set a "map" for each list, so each list can have his own set of "roads". Can create "roads" from "merge tags" in MailChimp® list to "WP account info" (standard profile fields), "s2Member® Profile Fields" (include ccaps!) and even to "s2Member® Custom Profile Fields". Note, that map works with both directions, so if you change some mapped field of a member in your site, it will be changed in MailChimp® list too.

But the feature I really like is "the bugreporter". You will not see it, that is for me only. Can not catch all the problems, because who knows where they will come from, but can find problems with "plugin to MailChimp®" communication. When there is a problem, it stops plugin and sends me a mail. This allows me to make the plugin better, for you.

All the old users: you can log in the site and download the new version at plugin's page. Tell me if there is a problems. Also any feedback welcome.

Also anybody is welcome to vote for next feature, and even to extend the list of new features. Please do, as it gets short with these changes :-)

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4 Responses to KC S2M+MC gets even more Pro

  1. Josh Tapp says:

    A few questions as I am looking to purchase. I have about 16,000 users to add to S2 Member and I also want to add them to Mail Chimp as well. I just started using S2 Member and Mail Chimp.

    1) What’s the best way to get all of these users added to both S2 Member and Mail Chimp? Should I use your plugin and bulk import them to Mail Chimp OR do I use your plugin and bulk import them to S2 Member?

    2) For future sign ups each day (probably up to 40 new sign ups per day but average 10 or so), is it better to have them register with the S2 Member form or to use the Mail Chimp sign up form?

    This looks like a great plugin. Hoping to get some recommendations for the above 2 questions.


    • krumch says:

      Hi Josh,

      That plugin id good for everyday use, “one by one” synchronization, 300-350 new users daily. Hope this answers your second question.

      First question: Unfortunately MC API is too slow for bulk operations. I can create such plugin too, if you want. You just will upload the CSV file and it will send you a mail when all members are set. But I think you can do it manually, as this is one time job. I would suggest these steps:

      1. Set WP+s2M site.
      2. Don’t install my plugin at this time, or if installed, deactivate it.
      3. Export existing member’s list in CSV file.
      4. Edit it (if needs) and import in the MC list.
      5. Edit it (if needs) and import in the WP (there was a “mass import members” plugin).
      6. Install/activate my plugin to keep synchronization.

      If you prefer, I can do this for you, I did such things already.

      To be honest, my plugin can do “pre-launch” synchronization too, on “bites” of 50 users… But manual work here will be much more (and possible errors – much much more), so not a good idea.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (if you celebrate these feasts :-) )

      Best regards,

  2. Josh Tapp says:

    Hey Krum, thanks so much for your response. I do have some trouble understanding exactly what you mean at times. Before I go any further… I can’t even get into any of my sites today because Hostgator is having big issues. I think many of their servers went down or something.

    More Information:

    I actually have an existing members list that is not in S2 Members or Mail Chimp. This is the huge 16,000 list that I built up from Aweber and Digital Access Pass in the past. So none of these 16,000 are in S2 Members or Mail Chimp at this time.

    Questions from Your Response:

    Do you mean to mass import all users into WordPress and then mass import all of those users into Mail Chimp as well? I was trying to think through that process. I guess that would work as WordPress would send them their login information to login and then they would be added to Mail Chimp list once they opted in.

    From there, your plugin would keep their data synchronized between WordPress and Mail Chimp.

    Did I get all of that correct?

    Appreciate your assistance very much with this and look forward to using your plugin. Yes, I do celebrate Christmas and the New Year here. So thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well. Again, thanks so much! Look forward to hearing from you again.

    • krumch says:

      Hi Josh,

      Yes, I understand that you migrate from some other system to WP+s2M+MC platform. And yes, my suggestion is to do initial pre-launch “feed” (mass import) in both WP and MC before to run my plugin. At this point plugin will care about synchronization.

      There is lot of things to do/fix/synchronize when you migrate, and passwords are just one of them. You must have a clear plan before to run, as you can not risk such big amount of info. That is because I say “I can help you” twice – I know most of problems. Well, such task we can not fix in comments. I have an app for tasks tracking, it’s good to move our conversation there. If you choose to use my services.

      But later, New Year is less than one hour away from me :-)

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