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I have lot of news to share, so next days will be activity here. Starting with the biggest one: lifetime discount with my new licenses.

Almost all my products were released with their own license scheme. Hence in the past on my site there were 3 or 4 different licenses. I have chosen to simplify matters, and move all of my products to a single license scheme. These are the new "Single Licensing Terms", shortly (full text you can see at "License for products" page):

All products will come with Perpetual License with 12 Months Support. You buy "allowed domains" number (not installations, on one domain you can have several sites), with one year updates, bugfixes, training, installation help. When the year passes your plugin will works, if no significant changes in WordPress®, s2Member® and APIs. No "license keys". Also you get lifetime discount for any other products of mine.

Next I will show you my new plugin, "KC s2M+AC", synchronizes s2Members and Active Campaign, brand new with the brand new license.

Will be new versions of all other plugins of mine, and each updated plugin will be released with the new license.

And now some old news: I would like to share my revenue with you. Welcome to my Affiliate program. If you have account with my site, you already have affiliate account too. Will you use it - it's up to you.

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