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Almost all my products were released with their own license scheme. Hence in the past on my site there were 3 or 4 different licenses. I have chosen to simplify matters, and move all of my products to a single license scheme. These are the new "Single Licensing Terms":

  1. All the licenses become by ‘domain’, including any subdomains and subdirectories. For example, if you buy a license, you can use it for,, and/or simultaneously. So your license will cover all the installations at ** (with some restrictions). You can have as many installations on this domain as you need. This gives you possibility to run testing sites, demo sites etc. On the product's page you will be able to check which domain(s) uses your licenses, and to drop domains you no longer require.
  1. The License gives you one year of support, to receive help with installation and configuration, and received new versions when released. You may use the product as long as you want. After 12 months, you can renew your support license to prolong your support for another 12 months. Hence this is a "Perpetual License" with "12Months Support".
  2. Each license gives you lifetime discount, when you purchase a new product.
  3. There are NO "license keys", to make it easier for you. Your username and password to the site will be used to confirm your license, when you install the product. So please keep your account info private.
  4. Where I provide any free products, or free versions of paid products, support is provided without obligation.
  5. Some products will have more than one version. For example a Basic and Pro version. Both are treated the same way. Most likely two different products, hence they will have different licenses.

See some FAQs about licenses.


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