How abnormal could a normal situation looks like (+ Riddle Game)

Lack of knowledge is a dangerous and a pretty thing in the same time.

Do you remember how majestic were all that stuff your parents were doing while you were a kid? How my mom could draw so beautiful butterfly? How my dad knows what is written on that page? How they do this or that? And may be as an adult you are doing the same things as your parents, but they are just normal for you. When you know how something is made, the magic is gone. You may even found this old beautiful butterfly drawing, but is it still that beautiful?

But that doesn't determines knowledge as a bad thing. On the one hand, we need to know if we want to be alive. Yeah, may be your mom doesn't really have an incredible and unique skill of knowing what is poisonous, but now you know how not to poison yourself. On the other hand, we are made to getting more and more knowledge and being curious. And the process of learning and succeeding in new things isn't less magical than to don't have any knowledge.

Just like we have been doing as a kids, we still can't see the difference between the lack of knowledge and magic. Many things look absurd, but they are just normal on a global scale. In every situation there could be two kinds of lack of knowledge: our own or of humanity. So, everything could be explained in two different ways. It could be a situation for which we just don't know enough but could be explained with knowledge of humanity. For example, it you don't know that gravity exist the falling apple is a magic. The other kind of situations is when, we can't explain what and why happens, but most of the people on the Earth can't too. For example, someone could be able to "see" the future. So what? We have only 5 senses, but what if that person have 6th, which make him/her to be able to predict the future? People may have different number of senses, just like different skin color, flexibility, ways of memorizing and so on. This ability sounds much more normal explain like that, than if it is called "magic", right?

To summarize, nothing is really magic and every magic might actually exist in the same time. May be for as something is magic, because we don't have the knowledge to understand it, but it's not on a global scale. But still, we are just little kids of the Universe.

To make this article a little bit more funny and a little bit less deep, I want to show you a little riddle game. The idea of this game is that you know a couple of facts for a situation. Your task is to find out what actually have happened in the situation and what is the connection between these facts just by asking question that could be answered with "yes", "no" and "doesn't matters" in the comment section on YouTube.

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