Major updates of “KC s2M+MC” plugin

Today I decide to publish updated "KC s2M+MC" plugin, both versions. The main reason is that MailChimp build a new API version (a way the plugin communicated with MailChimp lists), so shortly existing versions of plugins will not works, or will works with errors. As any new thing, the API may have problems, so I wait for the last possible moment, so API to be fixed my MC developers. I believe that it already is stable enough for regular use, thus updated my plugin, both 3 versions, to use the new API. Bad news is that "the last possible moment" is in the holidays season... so maybe it's good idea for you to upgrade your sites a bit later, when I will be around to help you with possible problems.

Note, that is a big change. I do long tests, but there still can be problems, so before to update, you must do backups of the old plugin you use, to be possible to change back in emergency.

Pro version also have new features: updating user info in MC after password reset, fixed "multiple confirmation emails",  better opt-in handling and the new "Blind Subscription" control. Please find more info at plugin's page, "Pro version" tab.

Additionally, both paid versions are moved to my new license, to be possible all my products to nave single license for better support. The license gives you lifetime discount for any other products of mine, and more. For those of you who buy the plugin already: you have new version for free, plus 2 years of free support. Check please :-)

For those of you who buy developer version before: no "developer version" in new license, instead there is "multi-domain version". Please tell me how much sites you run with this plugin, so we can select the right number of sites for you. Or just let your users to buy single site licenses. Whichever you prefer.

Well, that was the news shortly, see you later.

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