“KC s2M+MC Basic” translated and updated

The “KC s2M+MC Basic” plugin is translated to Russian, Bulgarian (myself) and Serbian (thanks, Andrijana Nikolic <andrijanan@webhostinggeeks.com>). Feel free to submit translations to other languages, or to upgrade existing ones.

The only new feature is the lists with missing members. Under the "Check synchronization" button you see messages, when some members don't exists in site or in MC list. Now the numbers there are links, which open a pop-up window with emails of missing members. This way you are able to search for them in your DB and in MC list, and can find why they are missing. So you can care better for your lists and site, as result.

There is also some security updates, so it's good to update your version.

And because the list with need functions gets shorter, you are welcome to add more features there :-)

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