New features for KC S2M+MC plugin

Hello, and thanks for your appreciation of the KC S2M+MC plugin.

To help me better understand your needs, I set up this voting system. Please consider some donation.

Why this survey is paid?

If you prefer not to donate today, or just to ask other questions please go to this page.

So, which one you need first:

Lists in synchronization statistics to be seen by name, not by ID. Or both. (now only list's IDs are shown) (0) To show a list with missing members, with links to click to go to the exactly member. Now shows emails only. (0)

To create a link to the list, inside MC account. (0)

Allow to synchronize only some (manually selected) members, both from lists and from site. (0)

Show a list's members with full info from MailChimp® site, as there can be custom "merges" fields. (0)

To be possible to sort by the "Lists" column at "Users" page. (0)

To set "by s2M level" what to do plugin when a member is deleted/cleaned from MailChimp® list: to delete or keep user in the site. Now works for all the levels. (1)

Support interest's groups too (now all groups are ignored) (0)

Report for done jobs (logs), both for automated and manual synchronizations (to be possible to set which events to be saved) (1)

When manually synchronize s2m->MC, an timeout error comes up... (0)

View your MailChimp®'s campaigns statistics (0)

Handle your MailChimp®'s campaigns (include statistics) (0)

To be possible to take care about extra lists, not included in s2Member® settings (0)


Thanks, your vote is appreciated.

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