Monthly WP support FAQ

Q: Do you perform any backups as part of the monthly support?

A: Backup not included, but possible for additional fee. Can not say before to see the exactly site, as each site is different, needs different solution. Can be remote backup too (by FTP to my dedicated server). Generally, backup is best to do at server level, but if no way (shared hosting, or not allowed by hosting company, etc.), then a backup plugin can be used. And some plugins works well with some sites, not with all, so there is too much combinations, must find what works best for the exactly site...

Q: If something goes wrong with a plugin/theme/core update, do you roll back to a previous version? How do you do this?

A: Most likely I will set back the old version. There is no way to check every site in details (possible, for additional fee). I test if the site runs and if no messages on "Plugins" page (usually messages about problems after upgrade are seen there first).

Q: Does this include any security scanning? If not, can we continue to use our security plugins on sites that need it?

A: No security check included, use whatever you prefers. Not offered too - 95% of problems I see in sites are because they are not updated, 4% - human mistake (someone touches some settings, or do typo etc), and 1% - others, include attacks. Heavy attacks like DDoS are rare, may be prevent with other tools/services, but not by me, I can just consult you.

Q: Our site has some extra things (some custom files that would need to be uploaded after theme updates) – is this okay?

A: Sure, that's part of my job. But please describe in details in TDL (my task tracing tool, every client of mine have access there), as this is not usual case, I may miss something.

Q: Could you give an example of a ‘minor problem’ versus ‘other jobs’?

A: Sure, here is it:

Minor jobs: to change a logo, to set a font, to do some settings in WP or popular plugins, etc.

Other jobs: custom settings, even in popular plugins and themes can be pain, needs lot of time and tests. To customize some code, to fix a 3th party bug, do unusual settings, add features, new plugins, SEO...

Q: We may have 5 or 6 sites to bring to you. Can we get discount?

A: I would like, but can not reduce the price for "bunch of sites" - this is all manual work, and needs time, which can not be reduced when we add more sites...

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