License FAQ

This is the list with usual questions I (may) get for Licenses, applied to plugins:

Q: I see extra domains in my list. What to do?

A: Seems somebody knows your password and install you plugin somewhere else. So first change your site's password. Then just delete the extra domains. Keep your password safe.

Q: I am returning customer, but not all plugins prises are lowered for me. Why this?

A: As for now not all plugins are capable to run with the new license. I will fix them at the next version release. As for now they come with their old licenses.

Q: Our website is being redesigned on a staging url/domain while our current website is still live. We only need it for 1 domain but we would need to set this plugin up before we launch the website which would then use the actual domain. Can we purchase a plugin and use it for the staging until it is time for us to launch the website, and when we launch the website change the domain name to the proper domain without having to pay for more than 1 domain as we aren't going to be using it for more than one domain (at one time)?

A: Right, you can pay for 1 domain only. Run and license the plugin at staging site, test it (and report errors, please, if any, so I can fix it). When you need to change, stop (deactivate) the plugin at the staging site, go to plugin's page to delete the staging domain, and activate the plugin at the new (working, "battle") site.

Any other problems? Ask me, I will answer.

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