FAQs for “KC s2M+MC” plugin

This is the list with usual questions I get for "KC s2M+MC" plugin:

Q: I have an existing site with members, and MC list too, just want to synchronize them. I worry, will be any problems? Missing/deleted members, doubled confirmation emails etc?

A: Sorry to repeat, synchronization in not an easy job, thanks for the question!

There is a way to synch safely, and several, I did with several sites, it needs to change settings, sometimes both of my plugin and s2M, and maybe will needs series of manual synchronizations, to get the DB ready for the automated synchronization jobs. But depends of exactly needs and state of both the site and list(s) which "route" must do. So really difficult to explain, and what is explained may not be implemented "step by step"... So there is two general ways:

  1. Do yourself. Think accordingly. Means "a lot", at any step. In any case make backups.
  2. Ask me to do. I don't really want, this is slow and difficult manual job.

Q: Don't works (or works partially), no matter what I do. Any ideas?

A: You need to ensure that "wp_cron" works on your site. The plugin needs it. But will this service works or not, depends a lot of the exactly provider, server, operating system, PHP version and a bunch of settings. Try "alternative WP cron", maybe.

Q: I'm not a developer and I don't know much about coding. Is this plugin easy to use? I figured out how to set up a site with s2M, but again, my knowledge is very limited. Will I be able to figure out how to use this plugin?

A: It's 10 times more easy to set it, than to set s2M, as it reads your settings in s2M options. Generally, read all the plugin's Admin page and set what you need.

Q: My current tests on S2M and MailChimp® are that if a user signs up they get onto the MC email list. Then if they cancel their membership via my site, they automatically get removed from the MailChimp® list. The problem is that if they update their email either via MC "updated preferences" or via my WordPress site, the two get out of sync. Then when they cancel their membership (or it expires) they do not get automatically dropped from the MC list. Since your pluging keeps them in sync, will they get removed from the MC list even after an email profile change?

A: Yes.

Q: I don't want ANY new users to be created in S2Member. Can I shut that functionality off? The only people that will get onto my email list are people who pay via my website. I want to ensure the email addresses are synced but I don't want any new members created.

A: No way to switch off, as plugin will do what you need anyway. In fact, plugin checks your settings of s2M, and will "know" that you set MailChimp® list(s) to paid level(s) only. So will synchronize those members only. Means, this is automated in the "mechanic" of the plugin, you have to do nothing.

Q: Why it always say "X members not exist"?

A: In fact, there is no way all accounts to be synchronized, because there is lot of cases and exceptions. MailChimp® can report events slower, a member can not receive the confirmation email from MailChimp®, or not click the link yet, or member is admin in the site - all these and others can cause differences in list of members at MailChimp® and site.

Q: How to test that it works?

A: Best way to see if the plugin works is to test manually. Create a new user in your MailChimp® list and check if it will be created in WordPress. Well, needs confirmation etc... If this do not works, click `Re-set MailChimp® site` button, wait 5-10 min (MailChimp® can be slow) and test again. Test it backward too: create new user in your site and look for it in your MailChimp® list.

Q: Why my custom registration/profile fields don't synchronize?

A: This is a strange case of a misleading in s2Member® and limitations in my plugin. How to fix:

  1. "Unique Field ID" of custom fields in s2Member® must be all low letters and "_" char only, like "my_custom_field".
  2. Merge tags at MailChimp® must be all uppercase, like "MYCUSTOMFIELD".

That is all the magic. Plugin knows the rules of both s2Member® and MailChimp®. You just follow these rules, set the map and everything works well.

Q: I create a new user in Admin area. Why it don't go to MailChimp®?

A: This is because s2Member® don't submits it. s2Member® do so only if all the "required" custom profile fields are set. You set those fields to be "required" when you add them in "Registration/Profile Fields & Options". But in Admin area they are not marked as "required", and no check for required fields, so you didn't set them. But s2Member® don't care... Hope this will be fixed in next release of the plugin. As for now please synchronize manually by "Check synchronization" and "Synch it" buttons. With Pro version can just go back and re-save the account - plugin will synchronize it in saving time.

Q: How to configure it so that sign up forms with different ccaps create new MailChimp® segments?

A: Synchronize need ccaps to MC merges. First you must create the merge. Then you must have at least one member with "this" ccap. Then go to admin page of my plugin, it will find the merge and the ccap. Just "map" them together (one "road" for each ccap). This way you will have info in your MC list which ccap have each member. Use that info to "slice" your list.


Any other problems? Ask me, I will answer.

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