Special update of “KC s2M+MC Pro” plugin

This is a special update of "KC s2M+MC Pro" plugin, because it fixes this bug in s2Members. I urge you to update my plugin, to avoid unsubscribing/deleting of MC members.

What is the problem: If you choose to set "agree" checkbox, to ensure that members know that they will be added to the list, that checkbox stay in member's profile too. And when member updates his info in WP, checkbox are left unchecked, which unsubscribes the member from the list... Also if member changes his email, s2M treats him as a new member for the MC list, and sends "new member" request, instead "change email", so member gets "confirm address" email from MC (where you set double opt-in) for the new email, and is deleted with his old address.

Well, I was able to fix these problems in my plugin, except "confirm" email.

Also plugin has some new features:

  1. EOT time can be mapped with 4 formats: "Unix timestamp", "pseudointeger YYYYMMDD", "plain English text" and "MailChimp safe MM/DD/YYY". Means, you can set a merge tag in the list and map the EOT to it, and use this info to "slice" the list for specific campaign.
  2. EOT days/weeks/months before/after expiration. Means, if you set "Days before/after EOT", and in a merge you have "12", this will means that after 12 days this member will be turned to free one. Can use this for (automated) reminders. Or, after the membership expires, member will have "-5", which means that his membership expires 5 days ago. Can use for (automated) followups.
  3. Can send standard WP welcome email with password when import new member from MC. Or not... Old versions had no way to send such email, and was no way to new members to know his password. Now is possible to set it to send "Welcome email" of WP (or edited in s2M) with the username and password, to the new members, created from MC members.


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