KC AVIS client

This is a client application to the AVIS car hiring system. You can see it in use at http://www.cars4less.co.za/.

This application allows you to provide car hiring services to the visitors of your site with AVIS. It acts as client to the AVIS system. Your client can choose the exactly car, select extras, can book it, and if needs - can cancel it. All the process are automated. To use this client you need to have API credentials from AVIS. This is a PHP and AJAX solution, using the PHP REST client of AVIS.

The page you will see at the address above can be customized to your site. All the operations are made in the right side rectangle. After successful booking the client gets a mail with reservation details. Same mail gets the admin as well.

There is wide possibilities of customizations, so you can ask me for almost anything. This is not my first car hire system, there is another one what I support, it is at http://algarve-rental.com.

Here you can buy the client "as is". Contact me if you need customization. There is only one restriction - I can not sell to South Africa. Sorry, I promise this to my existing customer.

Price: 300 USD
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