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KC Tools are a WordPress plugin with several tools for "in deep" development and troubleshooting. It allows reading of environment info, direct database access and terminal-like interface with server. It is locked by password to your browser only, so you can use it on life sites securely. It do nothing else - no output on pages, no shortcodes, no widgets, nothing, only a new row in "Settings" in Admin area.

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Pro version: 5 USD

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Sometimes, when develop something new or try to find problem somewhere, needs to read "raw" info. Thus, this plugin is the right tool. But it is too powerful tool, so it is not for everyone.

Bloggers, self-webmasters, average users: This is not right tools for you. Contact me, I can create anything what you will need, but leave this plugin away. It can (and will) destroy your site within seconds. No joke...

Developers: Generally not for you too, but if you are brave enough, and want to learn - you are welcome. Sorry to repeat, but it is dangerous, because it is so powerfull. Imagine your plugin is a car - shiny and power (80 kW, 110 hp). So WordPress itself is a truck (450 kW, 600 hp). This plugin is not a truck. It is not locomotive (1,500 kW, 2000 hp) too. Nor haul truck (2,610 kW, 3,500 hp). It is a ship (81 MW, 109,000 hp), but it is not rocket. Be warned...


Gurus: It countain 3 tools. First allows to see environment variables and PHP init settings. Second allows direct communication with database, think about "mysql" UNIX command line tool. It is very light phpMyAdmin. Third is terminal-like tool, allowing command row, almost like SSH, but restricted to HTTPD user rights and no way to run continuous tasks like "top". There exists a non-WP version too, with more functions.




Pro version


In Pro version we have one more tab "SQL". It allows to upload and execute SQL file to the DB. Please check screenshot bellow.

I am planed several improvements of this, but my "fork" didn't work somehow, so will be here when I am ready...





0. Create MD5 of your password

2. Upload the archive by "Add new"->"Upload" on "Plugins" page

3. Click "Edit" under plugin name at "Plugins" page. Put MD5-ed password in $thepassword variable at first code row in kstools.php

4. Activate the plugin through the "Plugins" menu in WordPress

5. Click "KC Tools" row in "Settings" within "Admin dashboard". First time you will be asked about password.





Ask me, I will answer. Did you have some suggestions? What else you would like to have as tools? Contact me.




ENV tab



DB tab


SQL tab (Pro version only)



SSH tab





KC tools WP

Pro version: 5 USD

You must log in or create account to purchase this plugin.

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