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KC Tools is a set of tools for "in deep" development and troubleshooting of WEB sites. It allows reading of environment info, direct database access and terminal-like interface with server. It is locked by password to your browser only, so you can use it on life sites securely. It exists as "pure PHP" and WordPress® plugin, they have slight different functions. I create it as "swiss knife" tool for me for everyday use long time ago, it saves me countless number of hours, helps me in so much cases, so I decide to release it as finished product.


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Sometimes, when develop something new or try to find problem somewhere, needs to read "raw" info. Thus, this is the right tool. But it is too powerfull tool, so it is not for everyone.

It has several functions. First allows to see environment variables and PHP init settings. Second allows direct communication with database, think about "mysql" UNIX command line tool. PHP version also can upload and execute SQL file. It is very light phpMyAdmin. Third is terminal-like tool, allowing command row, almost like SSH, but restricted to HTTPD user rights and no way to run continuous tasks like "top".

Did you have some suggestions? What else you would like to have as tools? Contact me


KC Tools PHP

KC Tools WP

KC Tools WP Pro



(KC Tools PHP)



ENV tab



DB tab


SQL tab


SSH tab

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